David Torrents (Barcelona, 1971) is a multidisciplinary designer with expertise in commercial and non-commercial projects, which are often closely aligned with art.

«When I was a kid, I always enjoyed my way to school, passing an array of posters on the streets of Barcelona. Strongly connected to the pulse of city life, this daily childhood experience planted the seed of passion for poster design deep within me and made me the urban artist I am today.»

He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and also studied at the Elisava Barcelona School of Design. Before setting up his own studio in 2002, he worked in Amsterdam, Budapest and in several design studios and agencies in Barcelona.

David has received over 50 design awards and has often been invited to sit on international award juries. He teaches at the Bau Design College of Barcelona and IDEP Barcelona, leads workshops and gives lectures at design festivals and fine arts universities.

Many of the projects on this website have been done with collaborators who worked at the studio: Juan Esbert, Jordi Ubanell, Laura Estragués, Germán Chamorro, Maria Berga, Anaïs Esmerado and Silvia Míguez. Currently David works with Alba Font.

Alba Font (Vic, 1994) is a creative director and graphic designer, focused on editorial and book design. She is graduated in Design by Bau, Design Collage of Barcelona, and also attended several courses related with visual communication in ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) and Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. She have been involved in projects with both artistic and comercial character.

She has been selected to attend the Creative Express organized by Art Directors Club of Europe held in Lisbon in 2018, an event where young European talent from the field of design gathers. In 2019 she won the “Beca de Creació Artística Ciutat de Vic” an award to develop artistic project within a year.

Emerson Blanco (Lima, 1990) is a senior graphic designer and 3D artist. He is graduated in Design by Elisava. He also studied a Vocational Education and Training in Final Arts and Graphic Design at EASD Llotja and Certificate of Higher Education in Advertising Graphics at CIC Elisava.

He is interested in graffiti art and ephemeral interventions in urban space.

He is currently teaching Advertising in Media Graphics at CIC Elisava, and in 2021 he was recognized with a mention on Laus Aporta 2021 for his collaboration on the Top Manta project.

Mònica Losada (Barcelona, 2000) is doing an internship in graphic design in the studio. She is currently studying a bachelor in design at Bau Design Collage in Barcelona. She is graduated with a Distinction BTEC diploma in Arts&Design. She also has participated in several type and a motion workshops. In 2021, she has been awarded with two Laus Student Awards.

Silvia Míguez (Redondela, 1981) is the graphic designer and visual communicator Madrid-based collaborator. She was graduated at the Bau Design College of Barcelona. She also studied advertising graphics at the Escola de Arte Superior de Deseño Ramón Falcón in Lugo. Her activity is focused on editorial design and environmental graphic design.



Laus Award: bronze trophy

European Design Award: silver trophy

Graphis Poster Annual: silver trophy



Laus Award: silver and bronze trophies

Graphis Poster Annual: silver trophy



Laus Award: silver trophy

Graphis Poster Annual: merit



Laus Award: silver trophy

Graphis Poster Annual: silver trophy



Art Directors Club of Europe Award: nomination

Laus Award: silver and bronze trophies


Golden Bee Award, Moscow: gold trophy

Laus Award: Grand Laus trophy, gold trophy and silver trophy

Hong Kong Design Association Award: bronze trophy

European Design Award: bronze trophy

Art Directors Club of Europe Award: bronze trophy

Special Citation: IALD 2014



Laus Award: silver trophy and 3 bronze trophies

60º Concurso de las Artes Gráficas, Best Book Design of 2010: gold trophy

Visual Award: diploma and selection



Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, nomination

European Design Awards, finalist

Junceda Award for Pere Ginard, Illustrator of the book “El que es menjava a casa”

Laus Awards, 3 bronze trophies



European Design Award, bronze

Laus Awards, 2 bronze trophies

Visual Award, selection


Golden Bee Award, Moscow: gold trophy

Laus Awards: bronze trophy



ADI Design Award: China

Laus Awards: 3 silver trophies



Aplaudiment Award Sebastià Gasch.

Laus Awards: gold trophy and silver trophy



Marc Martí Contest: silver trophy.

Laus Awards: gold trophy and 2 silver trophies

Daniel Gil Award: diploma and selection



Laus Awards: 2 silver trophies and 2 bronze trophies

Marc Martí Contest: gold trophy



Laus Awards: gold trophy, 2 silver trophies and 4 bronze trophies

Daniel Gil Award: gold trophy and 2 diplomas

Signes Award: gold trophy



Narratives 0 Award: gold trophy