BAU. Design College of Barcelona
& IDEP. Barcelona Design School

Since1999, David has taught at different graphic design universities in Barcelona. Currently, he is a professor at BAU Design College and IDEP Design School.

Liberty. Miniature Conference


Online conference at HMKW, Berlin. Speakers: Ahonen and Lamberg (Paris), David Torrents (Barcelona) and Louis Mikolay (San Francisco). David talked about his non-commercial projects.

Encuentros. El diseño y la imagen de marca
Fundación Guerrero. Museo ABC, Madrid


David Torrents was invited to take part as a speaker in “Encuentros. El diseño y la imagen de marca” at Museo ABC in Madrid. He shared his experience in the field of poster design and cultural events.

Festival Setfonts
Palma de Mallorca


David Torrents was invited as a guest speaker to open the third edition of Setfonts Festival, a graphic design event in Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands. He showcased both recent and previous projects, and shared his extensive experience in the poster field with the audience.

ADGxBrut at Blanc Festival
Museu del Disseny. Barcelona


Alba Font was selected to take the ADG stage at the 2019 edition of Blanc, the graphic design festival of Barcelona. She presented a poetic performance, accompanied by violoncello artist Ofèlia Carbonell. Her aim was to express her relation to design, and the passion involved in doing what you love.

Dia D
Auditorio Victor Villegas. Murcia


David Torrents was one of the speakers at Dia D, a design festival in Múrcia, Spain. The main theme of the festival was how graphic design contributes to spatial transformation.

Seminar on “Correfocs” photography

Alba participated in a seminar on photography at “correfocs” or fire runs, a typical event at Catalan and Valencian folklore celebrations. She focused on how photojournalists should promote their work, especially in social media. She also talked about how to avoid plagiarism and protect your images.

Our studio


It is always a pleasure to receive visitors from local schools as well as universities from all over the world, such as the Prague Design School, UCA University for the Creative Arts, Seeway and Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Olot, among others.

Sala Apolo


David was the moderator of a debate organized by Sala Apolo celebrating its 75th anniversary titled: «The poster is dead. Long live the poster! »

WHY Talks


David was invited to speak about form and content at “Why Talks”, an event organized to help participants come to a better understanding of the essence of things and explore what resides at the roots of any project or human being.

ADCE European Creativity Festival
Museu del Disseny. Barcelona


A workshop organized by David Torrents at the ADCE European Creativity Festival and the Elisava School of Design. The aim was to reflect on the humanitarian refugee crisis taking place in Europe as a result of migration from the war-torn Middle East.

The refugee suitcase
Museu Picasso. Barcelona


Imagine you had to flee your city due to force majeure. If you could only take one thing, what would it be? Draw a picture of that important thing into your suitcase.

This was a workshop organized by Jacqueline Molnár and David Torrents at the Museu Picasso of Barcelona as well as various festivals and schools.

Escola Illa


Inaugural lecture of the 2015-16 academic year at the Escola Illa in Sabadell.

Escola d’Art i Disseny (EADT)


David Torrents was invited to speak at the Art School of Tarragona. He exhibited his recent work and shared his experience in the field of poster design with the audience.

Museu del Disseny. Barcelona


David was invited to talk at vol. 24 of PechaKucha in Barcelona. PechaKucha means “chit chat” in Japanese. This creative outlet is the brainchild of two renowned architects and began as a series of nighttime get-togethers in Tokyo in 2003. Since then, three million people have attended PechaKucha events worldwide.

Facultat de Belles Arts
Universitat de Barcelona


David Torrents was invited to talk at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona at a conference organized by Dr. Raquel Pelta and her students.

Petit Festival


Petit is a graphic design festival in Tarragona. David was invited to talk about the discipline of graphic communication.

Escola Serra i Abella. L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.


David Torrents was invited to talk about his recent projects at Serra i Abella Design School.



Lecture in Amposta, ESARDI School of Arts.

Fàbrica Damm. Barcelona


David Torrents was invited to talk about his recent projects at Blanc Festival.



Lecture series on the culture of books and the creation of graphic works at the Escola Massana.

Chill Laus. FAD


David Torrents was invited to talk about his experience in poster design at Chill Laus.

Centro Superior de Diseño KUNSTHAL
Irun, Euskadi


Lecture in the Basque Country at Kunsthal, Irun.



«Cartel y espacio público» (Poster and public space) was a poster design workshop in Barcelona organized by Raquel Pelta and

Jornadas de Diseño Gráfico MOTIVA
Oviedo, Asturias


Under the title “Processes, Methods and Results”, David Torrents gave a lecture with an eminently pedagogical objective on design and different design approaches.